The United States is a nation with vast and diverse resources. Members of the Congressional Western Caucus believe in an all-of-the-above energy strategy that utilizes the energy sources available, including oil and natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydropower, and other renewable resources. It is vital the U.S. continues to diversify and increase the development of domestic energy sources to ensure greater economic security and energy independence.

Sourcing energy domestically ensures our energy extraction is sustainable and environmentally friendly, as the U.S. has the most stringent environmental laws and regulations. Current federal permitting and regulatory requirements prevent the country from establishing reliable and sustainable energy infrastructure. Removing duplicative federal regulations not only creates jobs, but also allows for more efficiency and ensures the U.S. does not become reliant on foreign energy sources. The Congressional Western Caucus supports policies that increase, diversify, and facilitate the production and delivery of reliable and affordable energy supplies from domestic sources.

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